Noosa SpringsSustainability

Our Pledge

Noosa Springs embraces sustainability across every department within our resort

Noosa Springs is committed to protecting the environment, minimising waste and conserving resources wherever possible. Our staff are trained to reduce, reuse, recycle and adopt responsible environmental practices across our resort.

We use Recycled Water on our golf course and have recently completed updating our irrigation system to be more efficient and water wise.

Our Maintenance Team recycle and reuse all the green waste here on site with our mulching system. We recycle our aluminium and general metal waste, batteries, ink cartridges, e-waste, cardboard & paper and support local charity Sunshine Butterflies by collecting Containers for Change program.

We are in the process of changing over to paper bags in our spa and golf shop, we use paper boxes and paper straws for takeaway items in our café.

We have also partnered with Visit Sunshine Coast and are a part of the Sunshine Coast Sustainability Program. This provides eco-conscious travellers with options to not only reduce their environmental footprint when visiting us but remove their emissions using a Trip CO2 Calculator via local reforestation projects that restore our local region. For more information or to offset your visit to Noosa Springs click here:  Trip CO2 Calculator – Visit Sunshine Coast

Across our resort we have just completed upgrading all of our amenities in our bathrooms to refillable 500ml bottles from the Ink & Water range. These are Australian-designed and owned, Paraben, MIT and PEG free, and 100% vegan.

However, we know that we can all do more continue to look at all areas and departments within our resort where further improvements can be made, we look forward to sharing our progress on this page.

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