Thrive Personal Training

Reach your full potential

Personal training is the best way for you to achieve your own health and fitness goals

At Noosa Springs we can arrange a personal trainer – one of our team of qualified fitness experts – to kick start your program and help you reach your full potential. They can help you:

  • Lose weight the healthy and fun way
  • Stay motivated to achieve great results
  • Tone up and shape your body
  • Gain fitness, health and energy
  • Improve your strength, core strength and posture
  • Explore new forms of exercise

We also offer swimming lessons, to help improve technique or just to learn. These are also available all year round with our highly qualified swimming instructor in our 25 metre heated pool.




Our personal trainers are registered with Fitness Australia and are always available to assist you with exercise, advice and support.

Photo of Paul

Fitness Centre Manager


Paul has managed the Noosa Springs Fitness Centre since 2008.  He started his fitness journey as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor in 1986 in Vancouver and has managed fitness centres in Canada and Australia for more than 30 years.

Paul practices what he preaches.  He has an athletic endurance background completing over 20 marathons, highlighted by the Boston Marathon, 15 ultra marathons (over 50 km) including the 160 km Glass House Trail run before turning his interest to adventure racing (kayaking, mountain biking and trail running with a map and a compass) and completing his second ‘Hells Bells 24 hour adventure race’ in 2021.

His fitness motto is:  Every day is a new day to start over.

Personal trainer


Tammy holds a Certificate III and IV in Health and Fitness, is a Group Fitness Instructor, a certified trainer for older adults and adolescents, a Punch Boxing and Kick Pad Instructor and an Accredited Rehab Trainer.

As a child, for the best part of 10 years, gymnastics was Tammy’s life.  After working in an office for a number of years, she decided to have complete career change and became a personal trainer in 2005. After the birth of Tammy’s two children, she struggled to lose weight. So she joined a gym and with the help of a personal trainer to keep her on track and guide her through exercising effectively and efficiently began to see results. This inspired Tammy to want to do the same for others.

Tammy’s motto is:  ‘There is no better feeling than being a healthier version of yourself.’

Photo of Tammy
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Personal Trainer

Lynne Macfarlane

Lynne, having lived and worked in Hong Kong for most of her career, returned to Noosa with her family and dog, Basil, two years ago.
She is qualified in BSc Human Movement Science, MHSc Health Science, RYT500, Pre-natal yoga, Kettle bell and TRX certification and has more than 25 years’ experience in Personal Training and six years as a yoga instructor.

Lynne has a particular interest in exercise for health-related fitness and wellbeing and believes that physical activity should be part of a healthy, positive lifestyle.

Personal Trainer


Petra is a busy mum of a six-year old daughter, who has found her passion in fitness and active lifestyle after years of working in marketing and customer relations. She used her own experience in personal fitness, nutrition and better lifestyle choices to assist her clients to achieve their fitness goals.
Her aim is to show clients how a little bit of hard work in the gym can make a positive difference in their life, both by feeling fit, and by having a fresh and healthy mind.

She believes that combining weight training with active lifestyle, as well as a well-balanced diet, will bring her clients the results they are looking for. It may not always be easy, but she will help them to get there.

Petra 2
Photo of Matt

Personal Trainer


Matthew’s love of the outdoors as a kid led him to the fitness industry, where he secured a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. He’s been working as an exercise professional in Noosa for the past six years, providing personal training to people of all ages and abilities.

He finds working with the disabled sector particularly rewarding, and with clients with chronic conditions to help alleviate niggles and injuries through prescribed exercise.

In his spare time you’ll find Matthew on his mountain bike, kayaking or hiking through the beautiful Noosa National Park.

Personal Trainer

Luke Aglio

Luke’s speciality is muscle activation and movement. He has traveled the world to study and work in the fitness industry, fine-tuning his training techniques.

He believes it is important to “focus on the needs of the body rather than just looking at the symptoms” and feels each person has issues that require unique, individual solutions. Luke likes to use natural movements to develop strength and teach people to better understand how their body should really feel.